Boost Agency - Creative, Design, Marketing & Social Media
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About Us

Our core focus is to help your brand thrive online!

Based in Manchester and Kingsbridge, Boost is made up of a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, experienced in digital marketing, Internet PR and design.

Specialising in working with small to medium sized businesses (SME’s), we are firmly on the pulse of the current trends in internet marketing. We offer a bespoke one stop shop for your digital marketing requirements and our core focus is to help your brand thrive online.

We will work with you to deliver a customer focused, professional service which:

  • Boosts your ratings on the internet search engines
  • Integrates Social Media into your marketing campaign
  • Invigorates your branding through clever design

We provide honest, ethical advice in plain English to guide you easily through the marketing process. If you think that we can help you to achieve your business goals, please contact us for more information about our services.


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